Our English Support Programmes (ESPs) are all based on the long term pupil achievement in the GCSE examination, even at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. 

Key Stage 1: This stage is where we build the foundation for your child's future. We assess the individual starting point from our free assessment allowing us to focus on what requires to be developed at a good pace. Our classes and learning resources are designed to progress from basic word and sentence building to advanced level. This will help your child to achieve their full potential which is our key objective at ACE.

Key Stage 2: At this key stage, our key focus is to ensure that your child leaves primary school with a solid footing in English and s/he will be placed in the top set for English. We build on the the foundation from Key Stage 1 and excel forward to develop reasoning, interpretation and punctuation. Our classes aim for your child to enjoy what they are doing so they gain confidence and fluency.

Key Stage 3: We have a programme designed to move your child through the syllabus for Years 7, 8 and 9 with a view to your child achieving high grades depending on his/her current English level. We aim to help your child reach their full potential to be able to critically evaluate high level reading material, analyse the plot and characters and understand the grammar, metaphors and symbolism.

Key Stage 4: For pupils in Years 10 and 11, our key focus is obviously excellent results in the GCSE examination. We offer support programmes for English Language and Literature for the following examination boards:

I’ve had a detailed look at ACE English Support Programmes and as a teacher of many years, I can see easily how the entire programme is designed to raise individual achievement.
— Tas Atkinson, English Teacher