Our robust Mathematics programmes begins with a comprehensive assessment to ascertain exactly where your child is in the different aspects of Mathematics viz. 

Key Stage 1: Mathematics is a subject in which a solid foundation is essential to later success. We have years of working to bring out the full potential of young children. At Key Stage 1, we identify which aspects of Mathematics that your child is finding challenging and hone in to design a remedial programme just for your child. Simply put, we focus on identification of areas for development and over the year, ensure that your child works at an above average mathematics level. 

Key Stage 2: At this key stage, we focus on ensuring that your child is leaving primary school with a level 5 or equivalent. This means that when your child enters high school, s/he will be placed in the top set for mathematics. 

Key Stage 3: We have a programme designed to move your child through the syllabus for year 7, 8 and 9 with a view to your child achieving levels 5-7 depending on his/her current mathematics level. 

Key Stage 4: We offer two programmes for pupils  in year 10 or 11 - if your child is struggling to pass then we tailor a programme to ensure that s'he will achieve a C grade on the Foundation Level. (A C Grade is the highest grade your child can achieve if s/he is sitting the Foundation level examination. If you child is sitting the Higher level examination, then we push your child toward achieving A or A*. 

Our programmes cater for candidates sitting their GCSEs with the following examination boards:





International Baccalaureate