The Homework Support programme is set up for children who cannot get help at home with their homework. This could be due to a difficult subject, tight deadlines or simply parent/s not having enough time during the day. 

Our Homework Support specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide pupils to relevant books or online resources such as encyclopaedias.  Pupils are encouraged to use the most up-to-date online resources and are also provided with equipment like rulers, protractors and calculators.

If children complete their homework before time, they're encouraged to do reading, writing and research. They are introduced to some of the following research methods (depending on their age) so they can autonomously carry out their own research: 

  • Research Paper Scaffold: A simple yet effective step-by-step process that provides pupils with a clear guidance for writing expository papers that include question/problem, literature review, analysis, methodology, results, conclusions and references.  
  • Web page Evaluation: Using this form, pupils can easily evaluate whether up to three websites they have found would be useful resources for a class project. 

Since children from age 8 start getting more homework, pupils from age 8 to 14 can benefit the most with this programme. We will always ensure that all children complete their homework in a relaxed and safe environment.

Building confidence in pupils to complete their own homework and peace of mind for parents are the key objectives of this programme. We can also arrange to sign lesson diaries and provide feedback if required.