safeguarding policy

Policy on identifying and responding to concerns regarding the safeguarding and protection of children.

This policy, with the associated procedures, provides guidance for all our staff who may come across concerns regarding the safeguarding and protection of children as well as vulnerable adults within the context of their work.

View our Safeguarding Policy here.


This policy sets out to ensure that there is a widely known and understood set of expectations of students, which is uniformly applied throughout Ace Learning Centres and is recognized by student, tutors, parents and all other employees and helpers. The student must experience an unvarying acceptance of what behaviour is acceptable in order to ensure the safety of all within the school community. This policy also acts as a guide to support staff in ensuring a consistent approach is achieved by all staff.

DfE guidelines have been taken into consideration in the formulation of this policy. 

View our Behaviour Policy here.


We are fully committed to deal with incidences of bullying at our centres and to ensuring that children, young people and families are supported effectively when it does occur.

ACE Learning Centre opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying. We take this issue seriously and encourage anyone who believes that they, or another person, has been harassed, discriminated against or bullied to raise this issue with us directly and follow the policy attached.

View our Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy here.


Equality and Diversity recognizes that all individuals are different and should be treated fairly and equally in accordance with their needs.  Equality and Diversity looks particularly at race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, faith, poverty and age and aims to ensure that no person is discriminated against or disadvantaged for their circumstances, identity and beliefs.

ACE Learning Centre is committed to a policy of diversity and equality of opportunity in its programme, employment practices and in the provision of its services.

This policy aims to:
• support equalities issues as part of the overall business plan of the organization.
• make equalities issues visible within the organisation.

View our Equality and Diversity Policy here

complaint POLICY

We aim to carry out all our work to a high standard but recognise that, occasionally, concerns may arise about our actions, conduct of our staff or children attending the centre. This policy sets out our approach and procedures for handling complaints. We take complaints seriously and do what we can to resolve issues of concern promptly. 

View our Complaint Policy here.